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Speech-Language Pathology Services

1000 Health Center Drive
Suite 402
Mattoon, IL 61938
217 258-2568

The Department of Speech-Language Pathology at Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center is a medical facility for evaluating and treating patients with speech, language, and swallowing disorders. Services are provided by highly trained Speech-Language Pathologists who have master’s degrees, are nationally certified, and are licensed by the State of Illinois.

Speech and Language Disorders

In adults, speech and language disorders may occur as a result of stroke, head injuries, facial injuries, head and neck cancer, or neurological disease. Disorders may involve difficulty understanding language or expressing oneself. Related disturbances in reading, writing, memory, or the use of numbers may also co-occur.
In children, speech and language skills may fail to develop normally for a variety of reasons including developmental delays, birth defects, head trauma, hearing loss, and various syndromes or neurological impairments.

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

Feeding and swallowing disorders occur in both children and adults as a result of a variety of illnesses, disorders, or injuries.

Diagnostic and Treatment Services

The Speech-Language Pathology Department provides services for:

  • all forms of speech-language disorders
  • stuttering
  • cognitive retraining
  • swallowing disorders/feeding disorders
  • voice disorders

The Speech-Language Pathology Department provides services to the following populations:

  • children, starting at birth
  • adults  
  • inpatients
  • outpatients
  • homebound patients
  • patients in outreach facilities

A Speech-Language Pathologist

  • conducts evaluations
  • uses special procedures, such as video fluoroscopy in evaluation of swallowing disorders
  • administers Vital Stimulation (neuromuscular electrical stimulation)
  • consults with the patient’s physician and other involved disciplines
  • develops individual treatment programs
  • counsels and educates family members
  • provides treatment

Service Locations

Speech-Language Pathology services assist patients in a multi-county area surrounding Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center.  

These may be patients in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, centers for the developmentally disabled, or those living in their own homes. Patients are seen through such agencies as Home Health Care, Early Intervention, Division of Specialized Care for Children, Department of Rehabilitation Services and Veterans Administration.

Referrals and Funding

Patient referrals are accepted from physicians, health-related agencies, and/or professionals for communication and swallowing-related disorders.  

Funding for services is provided by Medicare, Medicaid, agency funds, private insurance, and private pay.