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Preventative Cancer Screenings

Talk with your healthcare provider about cancer screenings

Regular screening can help prevent some types of cancer, such as cervical and colorectal cancer. Regular screening for these types of cancer can find and remove abnormal areas before they become cancer. For some other types of cancer, screening may help find cancer early, when it’s small. This is when treatment is most likely to be work better. Here are some ways you can screen for certain types of cancers:

  • Breast cancer. Breast self-awareness and mammograms.
  • Skin cancer. Self-exam, professional exam, biopsy of any changes that might be cancer.
  • Cervical cancer. Pap test and HPV tests.
  • Colorectal cancer. Screening for blood or DNA in stool, and colonoscopy or other tests to look inside the colon.
  • Prostate cancer. PSA blood test with or without a digital rectal exam.
  • Testicular cancer. Self-exam and professional exams.
  • Lung cancer. Annual low-dose CT scan (for current or past smokers) based on guidelines by the American Cancer Society.

Talk with your healthcare provider about your family history and your cancer risk. Together you can decide on the cancer screening plan that’s best for you.