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IDPH Payment Links

NOTE: At this time, only Google Chrome and Firefox on a desktop or laptop can be used when making an online fee payment. Other browsers and/or hand held devices may cause an error when making payment

Initial Provider License Fees
Renewal Provider License Fees
Vehicle Fees

EMS Continuing Education

IDPH EMS License Fee Waiver

EMS System Coordinators may request a waiver of the licensing fee for individual EMT’s and First Responders who serve exclusively as a volunteer for units of local government or not-for-profit organizations that serve a service area with a population base of less than 5,000.

Complete the License Fee Waiver  - IDPH EMS License Fee Waiver Application  and email to the SBL EMS Office [email protected]


If an individual has an EMT/Paramedic license from NREMT or out of State, they may apply for reciprocity to obtain an Illinois license. IDPH handles all reciprocity applications directly. Reciprocity applications may be printed from this  IDPH website link .

Licensure Personal Information Change

Address Change:
ALWAYS ensure IDPH and your EMS System has your current mailing address and email. IDPH Address change

Name Change:
Your IDPH license is a legal document and should match your legal name on your driver’s license. An individual can change their name with IDPH by emailing their EMS System a copy of their marriage license, divorce decree (front page and name change page only), or court order. The System files the appropriate paperwork with IDPH. It costs nothing to change your name unless you want a duplicate license mailed out. See “Duplicate License Request”.

Duplicate License Request
A duplicate license request may be necessary if your license has been lost or stolen or for a name change. The $10 is only necessary if the individual needs a new copy of their license now. A duplicate license may be requested through this  IDPH website  link.

New / Initial IDPH Licensure

1. Once you have completed the National Registry Exam or a course that supports a IDPH License (EMD, EMR, ECRN), you must submit the 5 items below to your program’s EMS System to apply for an Illinois license:


•  IDPH Personal History Statement/Renewal Notice  Form

• Copy of NREMT Certificate, Course Certificate

• Copy of current BLS Healthcare Provider CPR Card

• Copy of Driver’s License (application must be full legal name and match the name on the Driver’s License)

2. Email the above 5 items to the SBL EMS System office at [email protected]

• Upon submission IDPH will email the student his or her unique PIN to pay their license fee online at the IDPH portal.

• Once the student has the IDPH email with PIN and instructions for payment click here:  IDPH Fee Payment  to pay your fee.

3. The last step to start working (once you are IDPH licensed) is to test into an EMS System.

- System Test-INs are scheduled for the 1st Tuesday of Each month @ 1 pm at the SBL EMS office to register Click Link

IDPH License Look Up

IDPH has an online EMS license verification site that may be accessed by anyone to verify individual provider and ambulance EMS licenses:  IDPH online EMS license verification link

EMS License Renewal

SBL EMS Required hours for the following Licensures:
     – A minimum of 120 hours every 4 years for Paramedic and PHRN
     – A minimum of 80 hours every 4 years for EMT-I (AEMT)
     – A minimum of 60 hours every 4 years for EMT-B (EMT)
     – A minimum of 24 hours every 4 years for EMR
     – A minimum of 12 hours every 4 years for EMD
     – A minimum of 32 hours every 4 years for ECRN

Important facts to remember when it comes to relicensure:
1. ALWAYS ensure your EMS System has your current mailing address and email.
2. ALWAYS keep copies of your CE for your own records. (As it is ultimately your responsibility.)
3. ALWAYS obtain details of classes, such as topics covered, IDPH site codes and signatures.
4. NEVER wait till the last minute. Check your CE and track your hours throughout the 4 years.
5. IDPH mails out RENEWAL NOTICES with a PIN number 60-90 days prior to renewal. If you do NOT receive this notice, email your EMS System for a copy.  [email protected]
6. Pay your license fee online at the  IDPH WEBSITE  
7. When renewing online with IDPH you will be asked to enter YOUR PRIMARY EMS SYSTEM’S “System Number Code”. Click here for a list of every System’s 4-digit System number:  Illinois EMS System Numbers .
8. Complete the Child Support and Felony conviction statements. Anyone convicted of a felony or delinquent on child support may not be able to complete their renewal online and may need to contact IDPH as directed.

IDPH Extension Request Application  – Used for a one-time 6 month license extension
IDPH Inactive Request  – Used to place license on temporary Inactive status
IDPH Reactivation Request  – Only used if license has expired 3-36 months & seeking to reactivate.

Independent Providers

(not actively with an EMS System) may access renewal information at:  IDPH Independent Renewal Application  for INDEPENDENTS
For more information as an Independent contact IDPH at 217-785-2080 to obtain your IDPH Regional Coordinator’s contact information.

Vehicle Licenses

The on-line fee payment system allows for vehicle service provider agencies to utilize a credit card to pay for vehicle and ambulance provider license renewal fees. Vehicle service providers will be able to log onto the  IDPH website (click pay vehicle fee in the upper right) and select the vehicle(s) that are due for renewal and pay the fee(s) for the vehicle(s) needing renewal. Vehicle inspections will still have to be completed and entered into the EMS Licensing System for the renewal of the license(s) to be complete and print. NEW or REPLACEMENT vehicles cannot be paid via the on-line system. You may also use this site to look-up vehicle licenses.

Letter of Good Standing request form

Below is an electronic submission form to request a Letter of Good Standing from the Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital EMS System. If you have any questions, you can call 217-258-3612 or email [email protected].

  • Completely fill out the Letter of Good Standing Request Form
  • Ensure contact information for the recipient is ACCURATE
  • Letters of Good Standing may not be given to the individual provider, they must go to a receiving EMS system or Employer
  • Lack of recipient email address will result in a letter being sent via USPS (7-10 Business days)
  • Providers MUST be in good standing, in order to have a letter issued

Letter of Good Standing Request