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SBL Chapel / Quiet Room

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Located on the 1st floor  

The SBL Chapel offers a quiet and comforting place for prayer, mediation, and reflection and serves as a refuge for patients, families and staff. It is always open and welcomes all visitors.

Chaplain Services
Our volunteer chaplains are available to provide support and comfort while respecting your individual values and choices. They are available most days.

Please call 217 258-4132 to contact a chaplain during regular business hours, or let your nurse know you’d appreciate a visit from a chaplain.

Your spiritual faith leader can also be contacted at your request and are welcome to visit you in the Chapel or other locations throughout Sarah Bush Lincoln.

Thank you to Dan and Jeanne Cunningham and Dr. Ned and Barbara Hoppin for helping fund the new renovations.

Windows to Heaven 4 windows.jpg

Inspired by a Swedish children’s song, Windows to Heaven is a series of beautifully hand-crafted windows from which an artist’s rendition of the brilliant night sky filled with stars can be seen. It is located in the Chapel at Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center.

Silver stars engraved with the child’s name will hang in the clear sky among other stars. Stars can be purchased for $30 each by parents, friends or relatives of children who have died. Only one star per child will be hung. Children need not be born at Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center to have a star hung in their honor, and their deaths need not be recent.

For more information about Windows to Heaven, call SBL Hospice at 1-800-454-4055.

For more information about the Chapel, call the Volunteer Guild at 217 258-2500.