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Occupational Therapy 

Occupational therapists assess individuals in developing, maintaining, or regaining the skills needed for daily activities, or “occupations.” Occupational therapists work with individuals following orthopedic/neurological injury, post-operatively, or for chronic conditions to improve and restore physical function, mobility and overall wellbeing.


Traditional occupational therapy services include hand therapy, exercise prescription, manual therapy, and use of modalities to return you to your prior level of function.

In addition to traditional occupational therapy services, our occupational therapy team provides the following treatments: 

Lymphedema Therapy

If your doctor has diagnosed you with lymphedema, they may send you to therapy for care. Your therapist will determine the best ways to control your swelling. This may include:

  • Gentle massage
  • Compression bandaging
  • Garment measuring/fitting
  • Exercises for affected areas
  • Skin care education
  • Personal hygiene instruction
  • Self-care training with equipment and adaptive techniques

Locations: Sarah Bush Lincoln Prairie Pavilion II and Effingham Bonutti Clinic

Work Conditioning

Work conditioning is aimed to restore physical function and prepare employees for functional requirements of a job/employment setting. Physical conditioning and job simulation tasks are provided to help improve the abilities of patients to return to work duties.

Our work conditioning program uses simulated work tasks, exercise, aerobic conditioning, and education to restore a worker’s strength, endurance, movement, flexibility, and motor control so the worker can return to prior employment. The work conditioning program is usually two to four hours per day, three days a week. Patients are advised to wear comfortable work clothes and bring in any equipment required for the job as well (steel toed boots, tool belts, tools, etc.)

Locations: Mattoon Prairie Pavilion II clinic and Bonutti Clinic in Effingham


SBL Main Campus
Prairie Pavilion 2
1004 Health Center Drive, Suite 102 • Mattoon, IL

SBL Altamont Physical and Occupational Therapy
15 North Main Street • Altamont, IL

SBL Arthur Clinic
 211 S. Walnut • Arthur, IL

SBL Bonutti Clinic
1303 West Evergreen Ave., Suite 103 •  Effingham, IL

SBL Casey Clinic
934 North Rt. 49 • Casey, IL

SBL Sullivan Clinic
7 Hawthorne Lane • Sullivan, IL