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Speech Therapy 

Speech Language Pathologists provide care to individuals who have problems with communication (speaking and understanding), thinking, and swallowing.  SLP’s work to assess, diagnose, and treat these issues in individuals of all ages.

Speech/language and swallowing difficulties may occur as a delay in development during childhood or may be associated with a developmental disorder.  In adults, they may occur as a result of stroke, head injury, head/neck cancer, neurological disease, or the aging process.


Traditional speech therapy services include: articulation and motor speech therapy, language development and language rehabilitation, word finding, voice therapy, and cognitive retraining.

In addition to traditional speech therapy, our speech pathologists provide the following skilled treatments:

Pediatric Feeding & Swallowing Therapy

Pediatric feeding therapy is a specialized therapy that focuses on challenges related to eating, swallowing, and feeding in children. Infants and children may experience difficulty with breast and/or bottle feeding, drinking liquids, and eating solid foods. 

Our team of Speech Language Pathologists has advanced training in feeding issues such as suck/swallow/breathe incoordination in infants, oral aversions, sensory difficulties, and motor coordination problems. Through play based and other age appropriate approaches, speech language pathologists can improve development of these skills in infants and children. We provide:

  • Feeding Evaluations for Breast & Bottle Fed Infants
  • Pediatric feeding evaluations for oral motor skills and picky eating/oral aversions
  • Infant & pediatric video fluoroscopic swallow studies
  • Oral motor based feeding therapy
  • Sensory based feeding therapy

Swallowing Therapy

Swallowing therapy focuses on evaluation and treatment difficulties related to swallowing, including difficulty chewing and manipulating foods, choking, and aspiration. Speech language pathologists develop treatment plans with exercises and strategies to improve muscle strength, coordination, and swallowing function. The goal is to improve safety and skills in swallowing to ensure individuals can consume food and liquids with a minimal risk for choking and/or aspiration.

Our speech language pathologists provide:

  • Clinical swallow evaluations
  • Diet consistency recommendations
  • Video fluoroscopic swallow studies
  • Individually based treatment plans to improve safety


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